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Why Choose Pool Safe Inspection Victoria?
Pool Safe Inspection Victoria is a team of expert pool inspectors dedicated to ensuring the safety and compliance of swimming pools in the Victoria area. With convenient scheduling and a comprehensive report of findings, we make it easy for homeowners, property managers, and real estate agents to maintain the safety of their pools. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing make us the top choice for pool inspection services in Victoria.

- Qualified & registered building inspector with VBA
- Our reports are emailed at the completion of the inspection.
- Fast form 23 approvals pool certificates
- Fully licensed and insured inspectors
- Clear and easy to understand reports.
- Friendly knowledgeable staff
- Large, easy to see photos in reports.
- Excellent customer service

Pool & Spa Inspections & Certifications

We inspect under the mandatory pool barrier inspection requirements for maintenance of all existing Victorian Swimming Pools and spas. You will be provided with a certificate on the day if your pool/spa barrier is compliant with Victoria’s regulations on pool fencing.

Victorian Regulations state that a pool must be safe and have restricted access at all time, not just some time during the day. The only way to make sure a pool is Pool Safe 24/7 is by having permanent pool fencing erected.

Every state in Australia have their own set of regulations, however the basic principles remains the same. Pool fencing regulations in Victoria have been established on those same safety principles, which apply to all Victorian towns and cities including Melbourne.

Our Pool & Spa Inspection Services

Licensed by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), Pool Safe Inspections Victoria is a Registered Building Inspector. We have audited thousands of Pool Barriers with the Local Government ensuring that your Pool/Spa Barrier will be fully compliant after our inspection.

Swimming Pool Inspections & Certification

Swimming pool inspections and certification involve evaluating the safety and compliance of a swimming pool with relevant regulations and standards.

Spa Inspections

Spa inspections are evaluations of spas or hot tubs to ensure they are safe and properly maintained for use.

Swimming Pool Re-Inspection

Swimming pool re-inspection services are having a trained professional re-inspect a swimming pool to ensure that it is safe and compliant with all necessary regulations.

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Onsite Pool Safety Consulting

A service where a professional comes to your property to assess the safety measures in place around your pool and provide recommendations to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in and around the pool and for improvement.

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We Specialise In Performing Pool Inspections In The Following Areas

Our team of experts is trained to identify any potential issues or hazards present in a pool, ensuring the safety and compliance of the property. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or real estate agent, we can provide a comprehensive and thorough inspection to ensure your pool is safe and up to code. Contact us today to schedule your pool inspection and let us help you maintain the safety and enjoyment of your swimming pool.

Residential Home Swimming Pool Inspections

How safe is that pool or spa? Get us out for peace of mind to inspect your barrier. We offer a “Pre-Inspection service” where we provide you with a report regarding the pool fence compliance before you agree to purchase the property.
Local Councils can prosecute for non-compliance starting at 50 penalty units or $7200. Councils in Victoria are gearing up for possible legislation change that may require a pool register with a state data system. Local Councils can prosecute for non-compliance starting at 50 penalty units or $7200.

Property Management Swimming Pool Inspections

Inspections by a Register Building Inspection are the only way to know that you have confidence that your landlord and your agency are protected from any claims.
Buying? Selling? Renting? Annual inspections? It’s all very confusing to recommend what type of inspection needs to be done.
The new 005A Agreement contract issued by the REIV about the new lease of residential properties highlights the responsibility of a Property Manager to make the landlord aware of their Pool Barrier compliance requirements.

Hotel & Motel Swimming Pool Inspections

Hotel & Motel Swimming Pool Inspections are essential for ensuring the safety of guests and employees using the pool. These inspections ensure that the pool meets all safety standards and regulations the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) sets. Pool Safe Inspections Victoria is registered and recognized by the VBA to perform these inspections, so owners and managers can trust that a qualified and registered pool safety barrier inspector is thoroughly evaluating their pool.

Caravan Parks Swimming Pool Inspections

Caravan parks swimming pool inspections refer to evaluating the safety and cleanliness of swimming pools in caravan parks. The proposed Regulations require owners of swimming pools and spas to arrange for an inspection and certification of their safety barriers every Four years. The inspections can only be carried out by registered building practitioners in the categories of building surveyor or building inspector (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘inspector’).

Body Corps Swimming Pool Inspections

A shared pool, such as on body corporate common property, is for the benefit and enjoyment of all the lot owners and their respective guests. It is common property.The body corporate is responsible for maintaining the common property and part of that is obtaining, replacing and displaying the body corporate pool safety certificate.Further a separate pool safety certificate Form 23 must be obtained for all pools within the body corporate.