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Brett and the team from Pool Safe Inspections Victoria are committed to providing the best service possible for their valued clients. We work with real estate agents, homeowners, and pool owners in the hospitality industry to ensure their pools are safe through our comprehensive pool inspections. Greensborough tenants, owners’ corporations, and landlords can also seek out our advice.

With requirements to arrange a pool safety inspection every four years, pool owners may also find themselves in need of swimming pool safety certificates when they buy, sell, or renovate. Boundary fences can form a part of your pool barrier (as long as they meet the necessary requirements) and so any changes made to your fencing may require a new certificate.

The Pool Safety Certificates Greensborough Locals Can Rely On For Complete Peace Of Mind

Spas, in ground pools, and above ground pools will all have different considerations, and each must be evaluated by a registered building inspector. As long as the pool has more than 30 cm of water in it, then it will need a compliant safety barrier. This may mean that new pools require temporary safety barriers during construction.

Whether it is a new pool, or an old spa, we provide the pool safety certificates Greensborough locals can rely on to meet their obligations, and also to enjoy peace of mind. If you are not sure whether you need a pool safety certificate, then you can browse through the Victorian Building Authority self-assessment checklists available on our website, or contact our team for further advice.

To book a pool inspection, Greensborough locals can call or email the team at Pool Safe Inspections Victoria.

Frequently Asked Questions In Pool Safety Inspections Victoria

Can I use my fence boundary as part of the barrier?

Yes you can. The new requirements set the boundary barrier at 1.8 metres.

Can I use an above ground pool as part of my barrier.

Yes under AS 1926.1-2012 you can. You must have a Building Surveyor assess an application and issue a building permit

Do I need a building permit for a swimming pool barrier

Yes you need a building permit issued and a Building Inspector pass it.

Does my spa lid form part of the barrier?

No it doesn’t. You need an independent barrier and have it inspected.

Are all powder coated pool fence panels compliant?

Unfortunately not all powder coat fences are not build with the same high quality standards. You can perform a simple test by squeezing two vertical members together to see how rigid your fence panels are. If you can open gaps either side by more than 100mm, they may not meet minimum manufacturing standards.

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