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We inspect under the mandatory pool barrier inspection requirements for maintenance of all existing Victorian Swimming Pools and spas. You will be provided with a certificate on the day if your pool/spa barrier is compliant with Victoria’s regulations on pool fencing.
Victorian Regulations state that a pool must be safe and have restricted access at all time, not just some time during the day. The only way to make sure a pool is Pool Safe 24/7 is by having permanent pool fencing erected.
Every state in Australia have their own set of regulations, however the basic principles remains the same. Pool fencing regulations in Victoria have been established on those same safety principles, which apply to all Victorian towns and cities including Victoria.

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Pool Safe Inspections is Victoria’s number one pool inspection company. We are qualified to carry out pool inspections all over Victoria for all existing and new pool fencing associated with:

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Our reports are provided to the property owner on the spot.
Our reports are provided to the property owner on the spot.
Fast form 23 approvals pool certificates
Friendly knowledgeable staff
Fully licensed and insured inspectors
Large, easy to see photos in reports
Excellent customer service

VBA Checklist

The VBA’s pool and spa safety barrier self-assessment checklists

Checklist 1 (for pools and spas installed before 8 April 1991)
Download pdf
Checklist 2 (for pools and spas installed between 8 April 1991 and 30 April 2010)
Download pdf
Checklist 3 (for pools and spas installed from 1 May 2010)
Download pdf

If you are having any work on an existing safety barrier, a permit may need to be issued to alter the barrier. Work to alter an existing barrier will need to comply with the current Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my fence boundary as part of the barrier?

Yes you can. The new requirements set the boundary barrier at 1.8 meters.

Can I use an above ground pool as part of my barrier?

Yes under AS 1926.1-2012 you can. You must have a Building Surveyor assess an application and issue a building permit

Do I need a building permit for a swimming pool barrier

Yes you need a building permit issued and a Building Inspector passes it.

Does my spa lid form part of the barrier?

No it doesn’t. You need an independent barrier and have it inspected.

Are all powder coated pool fence panels compliant?

Unfortunately not all powder coat fences are not build with the same high quality standards. You can perform a simple test by squeezing two vertical members together to see how rigid your fence panels are. If you can open gaps either side by more than 100mm, they may not meet minimum manufacturing standards

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Qualified & Registered Building Inspector with VBA

Swimming Pool Inspections Victorian Pool Barrier, Fence, & Pre Purchase Inspections

Keep you and your family safe around the pool by trusting the experts at Pool Safe Inspections Victoria. Conducting detailed and in-depth inspections of both the swimming pool and the surrounding protective barriers, Victorian residents can enjoy peace of mind every time their children go into the backyard.
Fully-qualified and registered to inspect poolside environments, our professional team can prevent tragedy from affecting homeowners with our pool structural inspections. Victorian residents concerned about their current pool safety measure, or new homeowners who want to be sure that the pool in their backyard offers the best protection, can trust us to complete pool barrier and fence inspections, pool safety inspections, swimming pool inspections, and pre-purchase pool inspections in Victorian and across Melbourne.
Pool Safe Inspections Victoria is a Registered Building Inspector with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). With extensive experience and background in auditing Pool Barriers with Local Government. We have the knowledge and the brand recognition to ensure your Pool/Spa Barrier will be fully compliant after our inspection.
Our skilled and passionate team delivers affordable and thorough pool inspection services, leaving no detail left unchecked and they work to ensure your pool, and pool area, is as safe as possible. Properties that pass our rigorous safety standards and checks are awarded with a pool safety certificate.
Able to complete our pool safety inspections according to industry standards and regulations the team at Pool Safe Inspections Victoria are able to give you peace of mind regarding your pool. Once we have completed our inspection we will provide all the relevant pool safety certificates
Should any issues be flagged in the inspection process, our qualified team will provide you with a comprehensive solution that will help to ensure your pool meets the necessary safety criteria. The goal of our inspectors is to ensure every pool we work on is set-up to meet Victoria high safety standards, meaning our customers and their families are free to enjoy their time in the water.
We also work closely with several real estate agencies across Victorian, providing pool safety inspections for their properties when the time comes to rent or sell the building, or for landlord or tenant inspections.

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Swimming Pool Inspection Services in Victoria

At Pool Safe Inspections Victoria, we pride ourselves on being the leading authority when it comes to ensuring the safety and compliance of swimming pools and spas in the region. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to cater to every pool owner's needs, from the smallest portable pools to the largest in-ground spas. Here's a detailed look at our offerings:

Swimming Pool Inspections Victorian Pool Barrier, Fence, & Pre Purchase Inspections

Our team of licensed inspectors are trained to assess the safety and compliance of your pool. Whether it's an above-ground pool, in-ground spa pool, or even a temporary swimming pool, our inspectors will ensure that it meets the stringent Victorian regulations.


Swimming Pool Standards and Pool Certificate:

We adhere to the highest swimming pool standards set by the Victorian government. Once your pool passes our inspection, we provide a pool compliance certificate, a testament to your commitment to safety.


Portable Pools and Portable Swimming Pools:

Portable pools are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. However, they too need to adhere to safety standards. We inspect portable swimming pools to ensure they're set up safely and provide advice on maintaining them.


Above Ground Pools and Above Ground Permanent Pool:

Above ground pools, whether temporary or permanent, have specific safety requirements. Our team is well-versed in these requirements, from fencing to pool gate latch regulations.


Above Ground Spa and In-Ground Spa Pool:

Spas, whether above ground or in-ground, come with their own set of safety regulations. We ensure that your spa is compliant, focusing on aspects like spa regulations, distance between the pool and fence, and more.


Swimming Pool Removals:

If you're considering removing your swimming pool, we can guide you through the process, ensuring that the removal adheres to all safety and environmental standards.


Above Ground Pool Fencing:

One of the most common questions we get is, "Does an above ground pool need a fence?" The answer is yes. We provide guidance on above ground pool fence requirements, ensuring your pool area is safe and compliant.


Pool Fence Regulations and Spa Regulations

Every pool and spa must adhere to strict fence regulations. From the height of the fence to the pool gate latch regulations, we ensure that every aspect of your pool or spa's barrier meets the standards.


Pool Safety Certificate and Pool Barrier Inspections

Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of families in Victoria. Once your pool or spa passes our rigorous inspection, we award a pool safety certificate, a testament to its compliance with all safety standards.


Pool Compliance Certificate Cost and Pool Safety Register

We believe in transparency. Our clients are always informed about the pool compliance certificate cost upfront. Additionally, we maintain a pool safety register, ensuring that all compliant pools and spas are documented.


Boundary Fence Height Regulations and Fencing Act Victoria

The height and structure of your boundary fence play a crucial role in pool safety. We ensure that your fence adheres to the boundary fence height regulations as stipulated in the Fencing Act Victoria.


Why Choose Pool Safe Inspections Victoria for Your Pool Inspections?

When it comes to pool inspections, we are the trusted name in Victoria. Our commitment to safety, combined with our extensive knowledge of pool regulations, makes us the go-to choice for pool owners. We understand the nuances of pool safety, from the intricacies of the Fencing Act Victoria to the specific requirements for portable swimming pools.
Pool Safe Inspections Victoria is not just another pool inspection company. We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to ensuring the safety of families in Victoria. Whether you have a small portable pool or a sprawling in-ground spa, our services are designed to ensure that your pool area is safe, compliant, and ready for endless hours of fun.

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