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Victorian Pool Fence Laws: Structures, Styles, and Staying Compliant

January 9, 2024

Having a pool in your home in Victoria can be both a joy and a responsibility. While a dip can rejuvenate the body and spirit, ensuring the safety of this water body is paramount. Given the many incidents of drowning, especially among children, pool fencing regulations have become more stringent. However, the scope of these laws isn’t limited to the fence alone; other structures around the pool, such as pergolas, decks, and shade sails, also come under scrutiny. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Victorian pool fence laws and other related structures.

The Broader Perspective of Pool Safety

While fences play a pivotal role in pool safety, the environment surrounding the pool is equally essential. This includes structures like pergolas, decks, shade sails, and the like, which, if improperly placed or built, can pose significant risks.


A pergola near a pool can offer shade and beauty. However, there are specific regulations concerning its placement, especially if it’s close to a pool fence. If a pergola can be used as a leverage point to climb the fence, it could render the fence non-compliant.


Decks adjacent to pools can be perfect for lounging or hosting pool parties. However, they must be constructed, ensuring they don’t offer easy access over the pool fence. The deck’s height and its proximity to the fence are crucial considerations.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are great for protection from the Australian sun. But like pergolas and decks, they should be placed or anchored so they don’t facilitate fence scaling.

Choosing the Right Fencing Material

The market is flooded with various fencing materials, from traditional wood to modern glass and more. But not every material aligns with the Victorian pool fence laws.

  • Colorbond Fencing: Durable and sleek, colourbond is often a popular choice. It’s compliant with the laws, provided it’s correctly installed with no gaps or leverage points.
  • Lattice Fencing: While lattice designs can be beautiful, they might not always be the safest choice. The gaps should be small enough to prevent children from squeezing through, and it shouldn’t be climbable.


What are the new pool fencing laws in Victoria?
The recent pool fencing laws in Victoria emphasise that all pools and spas with a depth greater than 30cm need to be surrounded by a safety barrier. This barrier must be continuous and prevent young children from accessing the pool area. The fence must be at least 1.2 meters high and adhere to Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012.

What happens if you build a pergola without a permit near Melbourne VIC?
Building a pergola without the necessary permit in Melbourne, VIC can lead to hefty fines and possible legal action. Moreover, you might be required to dismantle the structure if it doesn’t comply with the local council regulations.

Can colourbond be used for pool fencing?
Yes, colourbond can be used for pool fencing, provided it meets the safety regulations. It should be at least 1.2 meters high, sturdy, with no gaps, and it shouldn’t offer easy climbable points.

Can you use a lattice for a pool fence?
Lattice can be used, but caution is advised. The design should ensure that the openings are not large enough for children to pass through or climb. Always ensure compliance with the Victorian pool fencing standards.

Do you need a pool fence for a spa in Victoria?
Yes, in Victoria, spas, like swimming pools, are required to have a compliant safety barrier to prevent unsupervised access.

The Value of Expertise: Pool Safe Inspections Victoria

While self-assessment is a start, ensuring full compliance with all Victorian pool fence laws requires expertise. At “Pool safe inspections Victoria,” our trained professionals understand the nuances of these laws, providing homeowners with peace of mind that their pool area is not just beautiful but also safe and compliant.


The joy of having a pool comes with the duty of ensuring safety. In Victoria, this isn’t just about the pool itself but extends to the entire pool area. Whether it’s the fence or the structures surrounding it, understanding and adhering to the state’s regulations is essential. It ensures a safe environment for families while preventing legal repercussions. Always remember, when in doubt, seek expertise and keep safety first!

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