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Understanding Boundary Pool Fence Regulations .in Victoria

January 9, 2024

Having a private pool in your backyard is a delightful luxury that many Melbournians cherish. However, with that luxury comes the responsibility of adhering to pool fencing regulations, especially when the pool is close to a property boundary. Victoria has stringent laws in place to ensure the safety of all, particularly where pools and property boundaries intersect. This guide aims to shed light on the specifics of boundary pool fence regulations in Victoria.

The Basics of Boundary Pool Fence Regulations

In Victoria, pool fencing laws are predominantly found in the Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2018. When discussing boundary pool fences, it’s crucial to be aware of the specifics.

Distance From the Boundary

While many homeowners wish to maximise their space by placing pools close to boundaries, there are restrictions. A pool should not be located closer to the boundary than the depth of the pool. Meaning if your pool is 1.8 metres deep, it should be at least that far from the boundary.

Boundary as a Barrier

If a boundary acts as part of the pool barrier, specific criteria must be met. This includes the height of the boundary fence (at least 1.2 metres), and there should be no climbable objects within a 900mm non-climbable zone on the neighbour’s side.

Additional Considerations

Pool Fence Ideas

While ensuring compliance, there’s still room for aesthetics. Glass panels, tubular steel, and timber are some popular materials. However, always consult with experts like “Pool Safe Inspections Victoria” before making a choice to ensure safety doesn’t compromise style.

Sheds and Other Structures

If you’re considering placing a shed or any other structure near the pool fence, it’s vital to ensure that it doesn’t provide a climbable point for children. The structure must not compromise the non-climbable zone or the fence’s integrity.


How close can a pool be to a boundary in Victoria?
A pool’s proximity to a boundary in Victoria is determined by the pool’s depth. For instance, a pool 1.8 metres deep should be at least that distance away from the boundary.

How close to the boundary wall can I build a pool?
The same rule applies; the distance between the pool and the boundary wall should be no less than the pool’s depth.

Can you have a shed next to a pool fence?
Yes, but it’s crucial that the shed or any other structure does not compromise the fence’s non-climbable zone or offer a potential climbable point.

How close to the pool edge can the fence be?
The fence should be at least 1.2 metres away from the water’s edge to prevent direct access after climbing over.

How close to the property line can a pool be?
In Victoria, a pool should not be closer to the property line than its depth, ensuring safety and minimising potential disruptions to neighbours.

Conclusion: The Importance of Expert Guidance

While understanding regulations is essential, the nuances can be intricate. “Pool safe inspections Victoria” boasts a wealth of experience in helping homeowners navigate these complexities. Our professionals ensure that your pool not only becomes the oasis of relaxation you envisioned but also adheres strictly to Victorian standards. Remember, with pool ownership comes responsibility, and nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones. Ensure your pool’s compliance today and dive into a world of safe enjoyment.

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