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Spot the very lucky child

January 9, 2024
Pool Inspections

Water Safety Signs!

Can you tell which child is in danger? Watch the video to see what happens. Immediately, the lifeguard leaps over the heads of other playing children and strikes out through the crowd to pluck the sinking boy up.

The talented lifeguard then carries the boy back to safety. The video has also sparked a discussion about the dangers of drowning, with several pool safety officials saying the video would be used in their own training exercises.

It is unknown when the video was first uploaded, but its timeless message is resonating.


  • Drowning people are usually physiologically unable to call for help, with their body focusing on breathing
  • When drowning, a person’s mouth dips above and below the water
  • Drowning people cannot wave for help, as their instincts force them to place their arms flat on the water in an effort to maintain buoyancy
  • The instinctive drowning response is to remain in a vertical position
  • Drowning people may not thrash around in an obvious way with the physical struggle often taking place below the water’s surface

Great work by this life guard.

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