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How Do I Become a Pool Inspector in Victoria?

January 9, 2024

Embarking on a career as a pool inspector in Victoria is not only a viable business opportunity but also a significant role in ensuring community safety. Pool inspectors play a crucial part in enforcing safety standards in swimming pools and spas. This blog aims to guide you through the process of becoming a qualified pool inspector in Victoria, discussing the necessary steps, qualifications, and regulations.

Do You Need Council Approval for a Pool in Victoria?

Yes, in Victoria, installing a swimming pool or spa requires council approval. This is to ensure that the pool or spa meets all the relevant safety standards and regulations, including barrier and fencing requirements. Pool inspectors are often involved in certifying that these standards are met.

How Do I Become a Swimming Pool Inspector in Victoria?

To become a swimming pool inspector in Victoria, you need to complete a course in swimming pool and spa barrier inspection, which is registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). Upon successful completion, you must register with the VBA to legally conduct pool and spa barrier inspections.

Who Issues a Pool Compliance Certificate in NSW?

In New South Wales (NSW), a pool compliance certificate is issued by a qualified pool inspector who is accredited by the NSW Building Professionals Board. Though this pertains to NSW, the process is similar in Victoria, where certified inspectors issue compliance certificates.

Do I Need a Permit for a Pond in Victoria?

For ponds in Victoria, a permit may not be required if the pond is shallow. However, if the pond is used for swimming or resembles a pool in depth and design, then council approval and compliance with safety standards are necessary. Pool inspectors play a role in assessing such structures for compliance.

How Do I Become a Building Inspector in Victoria?

Becoming a building inspector in Victoria involves obtaining a diploma or a degree in building surveying or a related field, gaining practical experience, and then getting registered with the VBA. As a building inspector, you can specialize in various aspects, including pool safety inspections.


Becoming a pool inspector in Victoria is a process that requires specific training, certification, and a commitment to upholding safety standards. At Pool Safe Inspections Victoria, we pride ourselves on providing thorough and professional pool inspection services. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in pool inspections or need services for your pool in Melbourne, Victoria, feel free to contact us for guidance and support.

Embark on a rewarding career as a pool inspector or ensure your pool’s safety with the expertise of Pool Safe Inspections Victoria.

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