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Glass Pool Fence Regulations in Victoria: A Useful Guide

January 9, 2024

Having a swimming pool in your backyard offers countless hours of entertainment, relaxation, and aesthetic appeal. Glass pool fencing is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for homeowners in Victoria, not just for its elegant appearance but also for the unobstructed view it provides. However, like any safety barrier, there are stringent regulations that need to be adhered to. Dive with us into the specific regulations and safety considerations surrounding glass pool fences in Victoria.

The Rising Popularity of Glass Pool Fences

Glass pool fences seamlessly blend functionality and design. They offer the robustness to secure your pool area while delivering a contemporary and sleek look. The transparent nature of the fence allows parents to keep a watchful eye on young swimmers, offering an additional layer of safety.

Decoding the Glass Pool Fence Standards

Australian Standards for Glass Pool Fencing

While Victoria has its specific guidelines, it’s crucial to note the overarching national standard – AS 1926.1-2012. This legislation sets out the safety requirements for swimming pool barriers, including those made of glass. It details the specific design, height, and strength considerations to ensure the fence’s utmost effectiveness.

Key Considerations for a Glass Pool Fence in Victoria

  • Height: The minimum height for any pool fence, including glass, is 1200 mm.
  • Gap Size: The gap at the bottom of the fence (between the fence and the ground) should be no more than 100 mm.
  • Strength and Quality: The glass must be of a certain thickness and strength, typically toughened safety glass, to ensure durability and resilience against impacts.
  • Secure Installation: The fence should be securely mounted, either using high-strength clamps or spigots, to prevent accidental removal or breakage.
  • Foundation: A solid foundation is vital, either concrete or a similarly durable material, to ensure the fence’s stability.
  • Boundary Fences: If using a boundary fence as part of the pool fence, it should meet the minimum height requirement of 1800 mm on the poolside. Additional requirements around climbable objects and zones apply.


What are the standards for a glass pool fence in Australia?
Glass pool fences in Australia must adhere to AS 1926.1-2012, ensuring they meet specific design, strength, and installation requirements.

How big can the gap be between a glass pool fence?

The space at the base of a glass pool fence should be no larger than 100 mm to prevent children from crawling underneath.

Can I use my boundary fence as a pool fence in Victoria?
Yes, you can, provided it meets the height requirement of 1800 mm on the poolside, with additional considerations to ensure it’s non-climbable.

Can glass pool fences be used as balustrades?
Yes, but they need to adhere to different standards set for balustrades, especially if they’re positioned near balconies or elevated areas.

How do you secure a glass pool fence?

Glass pool fences are typically secured using durable clamps or spigots and mounted onto a solid foundation, ensuring the panels are held firmly in place.

What is the foundation for a glass pool fence?

A robust foundation, often made of concrete or another durable material, is crucial to ensure stability.

Why Choose “Pool Safe Inspections Victoria”?

Installing a glass pool fence is about more than just enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. It’s about ensuring the safety of your family and visitors. “Pool Safe Inspections Victoria” offers professional expertise in ensuring your glass pool fence meets the rigorous standards of Victorian and Australian regulations. With our experienced team, you can be confident in both the safety and elegance of your pool area.


Glass pool fences offer a perfect blend of safety and modern design. However, it’s essential to be well-informed about the regulatory standards, ensuring that your pool area isn’t just stylish but also compliant and safe. With professional guidance from teams like “Pool Safe Inspections Victoria,” you can have peace of mind, enjoying the beauty and security of your pool.

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