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Pool Safety Inspection Onsite Consulting Victoria

Pool Safe offers pool safety inspection services and onsite pool safety consultation at your convenience.

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Why Choose Pool Safe Inspection Victoria?

Pool Safe is a qualified & registered building inspector with the Victorian Building Authority. We are a team of fully licensed and experienced professionals, dedicated to providing top-notch pool safety inspections to ensure that your swimming pool is safe for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a homeowner, a property manager, or a business owner, we’re here for your pool safety. 

For 10 years, we have audited and delivered comprehensive pool safety inspection services with the local government. We’re here to ensure every pool meets all necessary safety standards and regulations of pool safety to give you peace of mind.

✅10 years auditing pool barriers with local government 

✅Qualified & registered building inspector with VBA 

✅Our reports are compiled within 24 hours 

✅Fast form 23 approvals pool certificates 

✅Fully licensed and insured inspectors

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    We offer onsite consultation for:

    We understand that pool safety regulations and standards can be a lot of information to process. At Pool Safe, we are committed to ensuring your pool safety by offering onsite consultation services to prevent any accidents or serious injuries as well as educate pool owners on how they can meet the necessary pool safety stands and regulations.

    Existing Pool Safety Fence – Barrier

    Whether or not you are selling, leasing or renting, pool safety fences are still required by law to meet regulations and standards. In doing so, it is important for pool owners to have their pool safety barriers inspected or seek professional help with onsite consultation.

    For Sale Houses without a Pool Safety Certificate

    When selling a home with a pool, it is required by law to present a pool safety certificate to state the property complies with pool safety standards and regulations. A Form 36 does not exempt sellers of this property to forego pool safety inspection and certification. 

    Sellers must be able to have a pool safety certification before the settlement date. Otherwise the new homeowner will only be allowed 90 days from the settlement date to conduct an inspection and acquire the pool safety certification. By not complying with the inspection requirements will result in the local government issuing a fine. 

    To know more about pool safety regulations and certification, Pool Safe offers onsite consultation at your convenience. To enquire, phone or email us today.

    Property Developers

    When developing properties, Pool Safe is here to ensure your pool safety and avoid unwanted changes to your property including additional costs. For any property with a pool that requires remodeling, renovating, or building, it is required by law that the pool is certified for its safety, especially for pool safety barrier requirements. If in any stage of the development that you feel unsure of your pool safety requirements, Pool Safe offers onesite consultation at your convenience.

    Residentials Pre-building Swimming Pool

    In the process of pool construction, Pool Safe is here for any questions on requirements and regulations for pool safety. While pool safety barriers are not required in this stage of development, Pool Safe is here for onsite consultation so you can better prepare for your pool safety barrier and meet pool requirements and regulations as well as be educated on safety measurements for a seamless pool safety barrier installation and pool development process.

    What is the process for pool safety onsite consultation

    At Pool Safe, we are committed to educating you and communities on how to better measure pool safety for our homes, properties, and business. 

    For any process here at Pool Safe, we encourage new and returning clients to begin their onsite consultation by filling up our  Request a Quote form in order to inform costs as well as set your onsite consultation appointment at your convenience. To enquire more details, please phone or email us.

    Our Cost

    At Pool Safe, we offer a wide variety of services for inspection, reinspection and onsite consultation for several types of pools. The cost for onsite consultation will vary by case. For us to inform costs and set your onsite consultation, we encourage new clients and returning clients, to fill up a Request a Quote form. To enquire on quotations further, please phone or email us.

    Client Experiences

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    Frequently Asked Questions In Pool Safety Inspections Victoria

    A swimming pool safety inspection is a process that involves checking any pool or spa within homes, properties, and businesses to ensure that their pool properties meet with the pool safety requirements and standards in Victoria. 

    Sellers and new homeowners are required to comply with the pool safety standards in Victoria. This is mandated by law in order to keep communities and homeowners safe from accidents and serious injuries. A seller, homeowner, or property owner who is not able to comply with a pool safety certification will be fined by the local government.

    Pool owners are responsible for ensuring that their pool meets the applicable safety standards and obtaining a pool safety certificate.

    In Victoria, pools and spas are to be reinspected every four years to ensure they continue to meet the relevant safety standards and obtain a pool safety certificate if required. We offer our services to the greater area of Victoria as well as remote locations to ensure your pool’s safety for everyone. Pool or spa owners that do not comply with the pool safety requirements are subject to a fine issued by the local government. For more information, you can email or phone us for onsite consultation.

    There are several pool safety regulations in Victoria that vary by pool type, pool safety barrier, location, and types of properties. Pool Safe is here to guide you through this process and educate you with information necessary to comply with pool safety regulations issued by the local government. 

    To get started, we encourage new and returning clients to begin their onsite consultation by filling up our  Request a Quote form. To enquire more details, please phone or email us.

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    You are in good hands with Pool Safe Inspections Victoria.
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