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Pool Safe fence boundary tip

On our inspections a common find are changes to neighbouring fence boundary’s. Set at 1.800mm the top and middle rails often provide a claimable foothold from the neighboring  property. The question posed, ”but if the rails are not on the neighbours side and not mine then this is ok right”? Well what in fact you […]

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Well done to the Minsters of NSW for changing Pool Barrier inspections

Taking safety precautions helps to protect young children from drowning in swimming and spa pools. Pool owners are required to maintain the safety of their pool area. When building a new pool, you must also follow certain safety measures. If you plan to sell or rent out property with a pool in NSW, become informed about […]

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No fence at pool where toddler drowned at Herbert property

THE spa and pool where a toddler drowned in Darwin’s rural area on Saturday was ­unfenced. The three-year-old boy was pulled from the water after midday by frantic relatives, who spent 20 minutes on the phone with emergency medical dispatchers being talked through CPR.While the family was too grief-stricken to speak yesterday, a connection to […]

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When is Victoria going to act????

Calls for safety fences to be built around all swimming pools in Australia to prevent children from drowning Drowing is the leading cause of death for children under the age of five in Australia, and while all modern backyard pools have to have safety fences, exemptions exist for old pools. The Tasmanian Coroner is recommending […]

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Barry Plant Expo day

Great to see all the Property Managers at Barry Plant from across Victoria attend this annual event to find ways to mitigate risk! When it comes to managing properties with pools, spas, Jacuzzi etc they have certainly made the moves to get landlords barriers inspected by Pool Safe to ensure our kids are safe.

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Spot the very lucky child

Water Safety Signs! Can you tell which child is in danger? Watch the video to see what happens. Immediately, the lifeguard leaps over the heads of other playing children and strikes out through the crowd to pluck the sinking boy up. The talented lifeguard then carries the boy back to safety. The video has also sparked a […]

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Drownings in Australia: National Drowning Data

Drownings in Australia: Every year, Royal Life Saving produces a National Drowning Report. This report examines the factors that contribute to drowning deaths in Australia by examining who, where, when and how people have drowned in Australian waterways over the last year. Royal Life Saving has produced a National Drowning Report every year since 1995. […]

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Water Safety News: Toddler drowns in backyard pool near Coffs Harbour

Water Safety News: A toddler has drowned in a backyard swimming pool on the New South Wales mid north coast. The two-year-old boy was pulled unconscious from the pool at his home in Upper Orara, near Coffs Harbour, shortly after 4:00pm (AEDT) yesterday. Read the full article here.

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World Health Organisation Report: Child Drowning is a leading killer of children and young people

A recent report by the World Health Orgsanisation (WHO) has revealed that child drowning a leading killer of children and young people. Key facts Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths. There are an estimated 372 000 annual drowning deaths worldwide. Global estimates may […]

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Why spa/pool fencing is important

Why is spa or pool fencing is important? This fact sheet is of courtesy of Royal Life Saving of Australia. It helps to highlight the importance of ensuring adequate fencing from a legality and human life perspective. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of four years of age. Fencing your pool […]

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